Final Presentaton


The purpose of my action research was to find ways to increase critical analysis and generate insightful connections to an author’s purpose in assigned readings through implementing Emily Wray’s Critical Feedback process and discussion forums.  Research regarding methods to increase connections and discourse demonstrated a need to implement a process for communication, the necessity of utilizing a learning management system, and the benefit of conducting discussions within a safe discussion forum. The use of web 2.0 tools such as Prezi and Schoology discussion forums in conjunction with the RISE feedback process provided avenues for collaboration and engaged students effectively in the discourse process. Resulting data emphasized that critical analysis and relevant and insightful communication increased.

Lit Review Wordle

This visual representation generated by my literature review establishes the focal point of my action research project, and it parallels the documented results.  Students increased learning, established connections, and generated success through web based communication forums.  The prominent, large words emphasize the idea that the abstract idea or skill is the focus, and technology enhances achievement by providing support to develop the skill.  The smaller words hold up and brace the powerful results indicating that when technology is integrated effectively, the results are bold and measurable.

Final Video
This video is a reflection of my journey through my Capstone Project. It provides details and connections throughout the entire process and continues to lead through the “Art of Possibility” established by my Action Research.  Not only have my students grown through this process, but so have I.  

Publishing Leadership Reflection


The journal I chose to submit my project to for publication is the Journal of Interactive Learning Research.  The reason I selected this journal is because it specializes in research associated with web-based communication in conjunction with collaborative learning.  Since this is the foundation of my action research project, this was an avenue that could provide an audience interested and motivated to implement change based upon the resulting data.  If my manuscript is chosen for publication, more options and opportunities to publish additional research and topics would become available; consequently, these opportunities could help change concepts associated with discussion forums, technology, and the web within the public educational realm.

Program Reflection
The above link is a podcast narrating my experiences within the EMDT MS Program at Full Sail University.